In-App Notifications
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The bell icon will highlight notifications of activity throughout your account. You will receive in-app notifications when new comments are made, comment replies, if you are @mentioned within a comment, and when new media is uploaded.

New notifications will display as a red dot at the top left of your account with the number of unread notifications.

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Certain notification types (such as general comments) will be grouped by the resource type. So for example, if there are multiple new comments created on an asset that you have access to, they will be grouped into a single notification for that resource.

Notifications are on an account by account basis. If you have multiple accounts, your in app notifications will be sent to that account's notification sheet. The notifications sheet does not span across multiple accounts).

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Notifications that support comments will have a comment preview. Notifications that support certain file types will have a thumbnail preview or a scrubbable video thumbnail.

Note: You will not receive notifications for some actions that perform yourself (such as commenting). You will receive other notifications for actions that you perform yourself, such as successfully uploading files.

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