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Getting started in the iOS app
Getting started in the iOS app
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Editing Workspaces

To adjust an existing workspace, tap on the three-dots next to the workspace name. You can add users to the workspace, create a new project or rename your workplace.


Managing Projects

Creating Projects

Oh the home page, navigate to your workspace and click on the three-dot icon next to the workspace name. On the workspace settings select “Create New Project” and give your project a name.


A project can be renamed at any point by clicking the three-dots at the top of the project page and clicking “Rename”.

Manage Users

Adding Collaborators

Click on the member icon at the top of the page to add new or existing users to the project. If the user is already added to your account, you can search for them by name. If they're not already part of your account, you can invite them by email address and select “Add as a new Member” under “New User”.

Alternatively, you can also add collaborators from the workspace page by clicking on the (...) next to the project name and selecting “Project Members”.


Removing Collaborators

To remove a collaborator from a project, open the member list at the top of the page and select “Manage Project Members”. Users explicitly added to that project will appear under “Direct Access”. If a user is added to the workspace, they’ll be listed under “Inherited Access”.

Clicking on the users name will allow you to adjust their permissions or entirely remove them from the project.

Sharing project locations

Another way to invite users to your project space is by sending them a Project URL. This will allow users already in your account quick access to a project you want them involved with. If someone isn’t already added to the account as a Team Member or Collaborator, they won't be able to view the project without being given access.

Simply open your project settings (...) in the correct project and tap “Sent Project URL”.

Note: If a user is not already added to the account as a paid user, adding them through the link will add another seat to your account.


Asset Management

Uploading files

Upload media directly from Photos or Files by tapping the three dots (...) in the top right corner of your project and selecting "Upload".

IMG_9239 (1).png


Adjust the visible fields, tap the Field option in the top right corner. Toggling a field on will add that metadata field to the asset page.


Customize the look of the asset page by selecting the "Thumbnail" option in the top right corner. Appearance changes will only apply to the users app.


Card Size: Adjusts the size of the thumbnails
Aspect Ratio: Adjusts the ratio of the thumbnails between 16:9, 1:1, and 9:16.
Thumbnail Scale: Display the thumbnail to fit or fill the ratio.
Titles: Displays the asset names across one line or two lines.
Show Card Info: Display asset name, uploader and date.
Flatten Folders: Display flat files or folder structures.

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