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Commenting and the Player page on the iOS app
Commenting and the Player page on the iOS app
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Using the iOS app gives users the ability to view your video, audio, and image files, leave feedback, and collaborate seamlessly across the web app and into all integrations. The information below will prepare all users to get the most out of the player and commenting features available on the iOS app, similar to the experience on the web app.

To start, open the player screen on any asset in a project by tapping on the asset thumbnail.


To play the video, press the play icon in the bottom left corner video and tap again to pause the clip. Navigate to another part of the video by tapping and dragging the playhead on the timeline. A frame-accurate thumbnail will show a preview of what’s at each point in the timeline. Let go of the playhead to navigate to the frame in the thumbnail.


Tap the video to go into fullscreen mode. Turning the device from vertical to landscape mode will also enable fullscreen playback. Pinching the video will allow you to zoom in and out. To navigate between assets in the project, swipe right or left on the video.

Playback preferences

Playback Jumping

To jump backward or forward in a clip, double-tap the left or right side of the video. By default, the player will jump 10 seconds backward or forward. Quickly tap repeatedly to add additional jumps.

To adjust the jump increment, swipe up on the screen, tap the gear icon and select “Double Tap Left” and “Double Tap Right”. The jump increments can be set between 1-30 Frames, seconds or minutes.

Playback Speed

By default the player will play assets back at 1x speed but this can be adjusted in the playback options. To access the playback options, swipe up on the screen and select the gear icon.



Timestamped comments

Tap on the comment box to begin typing a comment on a single frame. If the video is in the middle of playback, it will pause to allow you to type a comment. The timestamp on your comment will also be shown, but you can choose to create a global comment that is not timestamped by tapping on the clock icon in the bottom right of the comment box.


When you're happy with the comment, tap Send.


When you need to convey an idea with more clarity, you can use the annotation tool to draw directly onto the video. Tap the annotation icon and choose what shape/color you want. Tap undo/redo icons if needed. Annotating does not affect the original uploaded file.


Anchored comments

To comment on a specific spot in a video, open the comment box and tap the viewer in the spot you want to point out. The pin icon indicates where the comment will be left on the frame. Holding the pin and dragging it will allow you to move the pins location.

Annotations and attachments can also be used on an anchored comment. By default, all pinned comments will appear on the viewer but this can be disabled in the comment settings.

Managing comments through comments

Tapping any comment in the comment window will take you to the exact frame where it was left. Tapping the three-dots next to a comment allows you to reply, edit, react to, or copy a comment.


Note: The ability to adjust a comment timestamp and leave ranged comments is currently not available in iOS.

Additional Features

At the top of the video player, tap the three-dots to access additional features to Rename, Move/Copy, Download, Share, or Delete the asset.


Assets can also be shared by clicking the “Share” icon at the bottom of the player next to the gear icon.

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