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Playback Speeds

While viewing your clip, click the "1x" icon on the video player to open different playback rates. By default, the playback will start at 1x or Normal, but adjusting the slider to the right will speed up the playback rate by 0.05x iterations, all the way up to 1.75x. Adjusting the slider to the left will slow down the playback rate by 0.05x iterations, all the way down to 0.25x.

You may also adjust playback speeds by using keyboard shortcuts.

JKL shortcuts follow standard NLE behavior:
(J) to rewind 2x,4x,8x
(K) pause/play a video
(L) fast forward 2x,4x,8x
A visual signifier of your current speed will be displayed on your video each time you use a shortcut.

Quickly toggle to fullscreen mode with the (F) key. JKL is also available while in fullscreen mode; however, you won’t see the visual signifiers if you switch your playback speed.

Playback Resolution

To adjust the playback resolution, click the Gear icon in the bottom right corner and select “Quality”. The available resolutions is dependent on the original files resolution and your plan.

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Pro plans and higher will support 4K playback.

Loop Playback

Working on short clips? Select “Loop” to play continuously.

Player Frame Guides

If your content will be viewed across various formats, you can use the frame guides to see what your asset would look like in different aspect ratios. Click the "Gear" icon and select "Guides". Toggling "Mask" on will hide anything outside of the guide.

The guides only impact the playback of your file and won’t alter the downloaded or uploaded file in

Anchored Comments

By default, clicking on the player will create a new anchored comment. If you would prefer to click on the player to pause the video, you can change the clicking preferences using the “Click on Asset” options.

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Asset Features

Setting the thumbnail

Change the asset thumbnail by clicking on the file name at the top of the page and choosing “Set Frame as Thumb”. This will will select the current frame as the thumbnail for the asset when viewed in the project, share and collection.


To adjust the status label, open the “Properties” panel and edit the “Status” field. You can pick from “Needs Review”, “In Progress”, or “Approved”. Once you select one of these labels, a notification will be sent to all the project users.

Need a different status? You can also create a custom field by clicking the “...” button next to “All Fields”. “Manage Fields” will allow you to add, remove and create asset fields.

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Sharing Options

To share a file, click the file name at the top of the page and select “Share”. You’ll be brought to the share page created for that file and it’s settings.

Download Options

Clicking the file name at the top of the page will open a drop down where you can download the file. You’ll have the choice of downloading the full resolution or one of the lower resolution proxies generated by

If you only need to capture a specific frame, you can also select “Download Still”. This will download the frame the playhead is on.


Q: How come when I open a new video, the playback rate doesn't default to 1x?
A: Whatever playback rate you exit the video with it set as, it will reflect onto the next video you open up as the new default. This is to keep consistency with viewing multiple videos. Reset the speed manually to 1x if you wish to keep the playback speed normal.

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