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Getting Started: How do I leave comments?
Getting Started: How do I leave comments?
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Make collaborating with your clients and collecting feedback faster and more efficient than ever before. It’s what we do best here at If you already have media uploaded, you can get started leaving comments right away. Here are the three core methods of leaving comments on your media.

Single frame or Single page comment

To comment on a specific frame/page of a video or PDF, you will want to create a single-frame or single-page comment. While watching a video, pause playback on the frame you wish to leave a comment, write the comment in the comment box below the player, and click Send. Your comment will now be linked to this exact frame making it easy for any video editor to know where a revision needs to be made. This method of commenting also works with audio files.

With PDFs, comment on the page you wish to leave your feedback on and your comment will be linked to that page for easy review.

Range-based comment

If you’re looking to comment on a specific section of the video, such as a full scene, you will want to create a range-based comment. Begin leaving a comment the same way as before, then drag the bracket of the yellow indicator in the play bar to highlight the range you want to be covered. Click Send now and the comment line will be stretched and highlight the entire section, exactly down to the frame.

Anchored comment

New to the experience, we’ve introduced anchored comments. This allows you to simply click on the asset viewer at any point during playback to leave a comment immediately. This also offers the option to point out a specific spot on the viewer as to what your feedback may be referring to. This comment type can not only be used on video files but also with images, PDFs, and files from Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator. A pin icon will be next to the comment when delivered. Click on the card with a pin icon to show the pin and where it’s located on the screen.


On streamable assets, you can control whether a click on the asset results in a play/pause or an Anchored comment. You can change this setting at any time by clicking on the player settings.


The choice to show comment pins on an asset can be turned on or off in the comment options.

Screenshot 2024-02-17 at 4.43.37 PM.png

Additionally, the option to show or remove the timestamp with your feedback is available next to the Send button when creating a comment. On any streamable asset or a PDF doc, you can disable the timestamp/page stamp on the comment and add a general comment without any linked frame/page.

For images, outside of anchored comments, this is also the experience when leaving comments via the comments panel (ie. no frame/timestamp/page associated).

While having it enabled will likely be your default, if you ever want to make a more general comment and not have it linked to a specific frame, the option is there to disable it with a simple click.

Screenshot 2024-02-17 at 3.13.25 PM.png

Use all these methods of commenting to make sure your feedback is accurate. No more mistaking exactly what you meant!

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