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C2C: Pomfort LiveGrade QuickStart Guide
C2C: Pomfort LiveGrade QuickStart Guide

How to setup Pomfort LiveGrade and ShotHub to work with C2C

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Pomfort LiveGrade is a professional tool for grading footage on set. It works by applying color correction directly to a video signal so creatives can make color decisions based on what they’re shooting when they’re shooting it. With C2C compatibility, LiveGrade can send CDLs to a Project from ShotHub.

Use this guide to quickly setup your Pomfort LiveGrade and ShotHub for C2C with settings recommended by

What you'll need

  • Pomfort LiveGrade license

  • LiveGrade project

  • Pomfort ShotHub project

  • Access to or the iOS app

  • A Project with C2C Connections Integration enabled

  • A account with permissions to add devices to the Project


  1. First, we’ll need to make sure your LiveGrade project is connected to your ShotHub project. Connect to your ShotHub account by clicking on the cloud icon next to the project name in LiveGrade. Use this menu to login and connect to ShotHub. Use Pomfort’s guide for more information.

  2. Once your LiveGrade project is connected to your ShotHub project, you can then connect ShotHub to To begin, login to your ShotHub project.

  3. Once logged in, click on the i to open the options menu.

  4. Under Linked Applications, click on +Connect next to C2C and log in with your credentials.

  5. Once logged in, use the Project selector to select the Account and Project to connect to and click Connect.

Your LiveGrade and ShotHub projects are now connected to with C2C. When you create a new look, that CDL is then sent to ShotHub and then automatically and seamlessly sent to In fact, if you create a new version of a look, that CDL will be version stacked on automatically as well, ensuring the most recent look is always accessible.

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