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C2C: Aaton Cantar QuickStart Guide
C2C: Aaton Cantar QuickStart Guide

How to setup your Aaton Cantar to work with C2C

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Aaton Digital officially closed their doors on February 15, 2024. Aaton users are no longer able to acquire firmware to support C2C in Cantar devices. However, C2C will continue to function on devices that upgraded to the firmware before the closing of Aaton Digital.

The Aaton Cantar X3 is a professional field audio recorder. With C2C, you can upload your WAV or AAC files directly into your Project.

Use this guide to quickly setup your Aaton Cantar X3 or X3 Mini for C2C with settings recommended by

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  1. Connect the Cantar to the internet. The ethernet port is on the right side of the device. It’s important to connect the Cantar to a network before powering up.

  2. Power the Cantar by connecting the device to power and pressing the power button located behind the rotary knobs.

  3. Wait a moment for the Cantar to power up.

  4. Rotate the primary rotary knob to position 10. Technical Settings.

  5. Use the up/down buttons on the main keypad or the inner wheel on the rotary knob to scroll down to Connection. Click the OK button.

  6. In the Connection menu, make sure is set to Enable.

  7. This menu should automatically display a 6 digit code.

  8. Pair your Cantar to your Project by following the prompts in the Cloud Devices tab of the iOS app.

  9. After 5 seconds, if there is no internet connection, the menu will display with “No Connection / No Internet”

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