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C2C: Magic ViewFinder QuickStart Guide
C2C: Magic ViewFinder QuickStart Guide

How to setup Magic ViewFinder to work with C2C

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The Magic ViewFinder apps are director's viewfinder apps for iOS. With C2C, you can upload your scout and previs stills and video directly into your Project.

Use this guide to quickly setup Magic ViewFinder for C2C with settings recommended by

What you'll need

  • Magic ViewFinder app installed on iPhone or iPad (there is one app for each camera family - so make sure you have the one that matches your camera)

  • A connection to the internet (WiFi or cellular)

  • A project with Cloud Devices Integration enabled

  • A account with permissions to add devices to the project


  1. In Magic ViewFinder, open up Preferences by tapping the three dots in the upper right-hand corner of the app.

  2. Under Integrations, find and tap Connect (or Details if you want to change Projects).

  3. Navigate to the Project you want to connect to and tap Connect.

  4. To upload automatically to, make sure the toggle next to under Integrations in the Main Menu is enabled.

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