C2C: ZoeLog QuickStart Guide

How to set up ZoeLog to work with Frame.io C2C

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ZoeLog is a powerful camera report app for iOS devices. With Frame.io C2C, you can upload your camera reports directly into your Project alongside your video and audio C2C assets.

Use this guide to quickly setup ZoeLog for C2C with settings recommended by Frame.io.

What you'll need

  • A paid subscription to ZoeLog

  • ZoeLog app installed on iPhone or iPad

  • A ZoeLog Production with users added

  • A connection to the internet (WiFi or cellular)

  • A Frame.io project with Cloud Devices Integration enabled

  • A Frame.io account with permissions to add devices to the project


  1. In your working Production, go to the Share menu (this is at the bottom of the list of camera sidebar).

  2. In the Share menu, scroll to the bottom to find the Frame.io section.

  3. Log in using your Frame.io credentials and click Allow when prompted to let ZoeLog upload into Frame.io.

  4. After you've logged in, tap Connect a project and navigate to the Project you want to upload reports to.

  5. Once you're connected to a Project, make sure the Frame.io toggle is enabled.

  6. Use the rest of the options in the Share menu to configure your camera report and choose what file types to upload.

  7. Once you're ready to share, hit the Send button to upload your reports to Frame.io.

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