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C2C: Sound Devices 8 Series QuickStart Guide
C2C: Sound Devices 8 Series QuickStart Guide

How to setup your Sound Devices 8 series to work with C2C

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Sound Devices 888 and Scorpio are professional field audio recorders. With C2C, you can upload your WAV or AAC files directly into your Project.

Use this guide to quickly setup your Sound Devices 8 series for C2C with settings recommended by

What you'll need

  • 1 Sound Devices 8 series (888 or Scorpio)

  • The latest firmware from Sound Devices installed on your device

  • A local network with internet access

  • Access to or the iOS app

  • A Project with C2C Connections Integration enabled

  • A account with permissions to add devices to the Project


  1. First, configure the recorder to record and save the desired formats to the appropriate storage location. This can be set up in the Main Menu under 11. Record/Play > 5. Track to Media Routing. Refer to your Sound Devices documentation for more information. C2C works with both WAV or AAC files.

  2. From the Main Menu, go to 12. Files > 10. In this menu we can choose our upload source, our upload mode, and pair the recorder to

  3. Since you've already set up the recorder to save certain formats to certain storage locations, choosing the upload source here will determine what format gets uploaded to Under Upload Drive, select the storage location that has the desired format.

  4. Next, set Upload Mode to the desired behavior. For most workflows, Record Folder (New takes) is recommended.

  5. Finally, pair your recorder to your Project by following the prompts in the C2C Connections tab on or in the iOS app. You can generate the Cube's pairing code by pressing the metal switch just below the center of the screen.


My Sound Devices isn’t uploading to

Check to make sure your device is connected to the internet and that connection is enabled under Files > Setup.

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