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Image viewer on the player page
Image viewer on the player page
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Still images require great attention to detail. Collaboration doesn't end with video; we have different tools for viewing images on the player page too.

  • Upload high-resolution raw images (up to 8K or 42MP in 100 different RAW formats, including Fujifilm, Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, and Sony in-app, powered by Adobe Camera RAW).

  • Native CMYK color support

  • Zoom, Pan, and Loupe to inspect assets at 100% resolution. Annotations that you make on your images will scale as well (keyboard shortcuts listed below).

  • Compare image versions side-by-side and use the new stills comparison tool to zoom, pan, and scan between two photos in unison, and overlay the images on top of one another with transparency.

Keyboard Shortcuts

F: full screen, and exit fullscreen
Esc: exit fullscreen
Shift: Image Loupe (100% view)
Shift + Click: zooms to 100%
-/+: zoom in/out by double/half
Z + Click + Drag: Marquee Zoom

The Image Viewer is supported in the web app and iOS app.

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