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Shares are how you create external links to send media to collaborators, clients, producers, stakeholders, and more for review. Let’s imagine that you’ve just finished creating some assets and now you’re ready to share your work. With, you can simply select your media and click the Share icon to generate a new share link fast, complete with full customization for branding options like logo, description, and background image to privacy settings like passphrase, expiration date, and permissions.

How to create a Share

The Shares section is located just below Collections in your Project Navigation Panel. To create a new Share link, click the + icon next to Shares. This will generate an empty Share page for you to begin populating your media. You must have the user permission to share activated before you can share.

Note: Sharing a folder with sub-folders will share all media within while retaining the folder structure. Files added or removed in a shared folder will dynamically update the Share link making it easy to update the client's view of content without sharing multiple external links.

You can also click on any file or folder’s three-dot menu to create a new Share, or add that file or folder to an existing Share link if you have any already created. After selecting any asset, the Share icon in the bottom right will allow you to create a new share link. Select as many assets as you want from multiple locations to be included in the share. You can also right-click any single asset to bring up the media options and then select Share > Create new Share.


Share Settings


Whether you have an empty Share page or already have your media populated, there’s still a lot to look over for customization and settings before you send out your Share link.

Share Settings can be found in the far right section of this page where page layout, security, permissions, and more can be configured.

Share Visibility is where you can grab the short URL for the share link you created and send it out immediately. The toggle will allow you to disable the sending and viewing of the share link if you wish to delay or remove access.

Layout allows you to choose from Grid or Reel formats. Grid will provide a view of all your media with all their own independent viewers to scroll through, while Reel is a single player page that lets you change out media from left to right.

Security allows you to enable a Passphrase for the viewer to have to input before opening the Share link and viewing its contents, and the Expiration date puts in place a date and time the link will be viewable before their access is removed.

Permissions simply allow the viewer to be able to comment or download the assets with an easy toggle switch. Show all versions allows a user to view all versions in any share version stacked media, or just the latest asset in a version stack if toggled off.

The Featured field is how you can choose the default field to be edited by Share recipients. The updates made to the field here will be shown on assets in the Project

Share Customization

Create visual themes and set media organization with our Share customization options.

The + button at the top will allow you to add in an icon to your Share page. Choose from a selection of emojis or an image from your desktop. Click upload image to add a header to your Share page with an image from your desktop.

The pencil icon offers Header size and display options to show or hide.

Add a description below the creator's name for additional reference text.

Adjust the Appearance for options such as light or dark mode, accent colors, and how you want the media thumbnails to look. Fields and Sort options are also similar to your Project organization experience and will save the settings for your Share recipients.

All Shares

All Shares will always display at the top of the individual shares you create. This is where you can collect and keep track of all shares made in your workspace. Any share link can be managed and adjusted from this page, even if the link is already in the hands of a client. Shares can be also duplicated as well for easy template creation.

Share URLs can be quickly copied from here to share with others. Visibility can be turned on or off to allow access to the link or to block access. Last Viewed and View counter will give updated info on how active your link is. The option to edit link options can be found by right-clicking on the share link listing.

Viewing a Share Link

Opening a Share link will look identical to how you have it set up for anyone who receives the link. Once the user opens a media file, they can interact with the media, reply directly to comments, or leave some of their own. After their first comment is left, they will be asked to enter their name and email address for identification and to receive email notification updates.

This information will only be saved for the session they are in and will have to enter their credentials next time they access the link.

Email notifications will be sent out to reviewers when invited to a new review or someone replies to their comment.

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