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Adding and removing users to a Workspace
Adding and removing users to a Workspace
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Adding a User

Adding a user to your Workspace will grant them inherited access to all existing and future Projects within the Workspace.

To add a user to your Workspace, click on the purple People icon in the top right hand corner of your Workspace page. Add the email of the user you wish to invite and add a custom message if desired.

The role options are:

Content Admin
A Content Admin will have full permissions across your Workspace, Projects, and Account Settings including managing users, controlling billing, and much more.

A Member will have access to all projects on the workspace as well as general access to basic account information and their own personal settings.

There is also the Owner user in While not a selectable user type, they are highest level user in a Workspace. They will have full access over the entire Workspace and are the only user who can manage their plan. There can only be one Owner per account.

Note: A new user added to your workspace will be added as a Member to your account. You can change the role of a member to a Content Admin. To change roles go to Settings and Users. Select your user and select Content Admin from the role drop down menu.

When users are added to your Workspace, they automatically get added to your existing Projects as well as any new Projects you create. Users can be added to the Workspace from the homepage. Click on the purple People icon, and add their name or email to your Workspace.

Removing a User

To remove a user from your Workspace, click on the purple People icon in the top right hand corner. Scroll to Manage and Remove access next to the user name.

Removing a user from your Workspace does not remove them from the account!

In order to remove a user from the account go to your Users page in your account settings, click on your user and select Remove user. Select Delete to remove the user from your account.

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