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Getting Started: What is a User?
Getting Started: What is a User?
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Once you have a V4 Workspace up-and-running, one of the first things you want to do is invite users to help organize your media library, create new metadata entries, or to begin sharing media. Users function a bit differently in V4, so it’s good to define their user roles and what you can do with them before you begin inviting them.

The user types in V4 areAccount Owner, Content Admin, Member, and Reviewer.

Account Owner/Content Admin

A Content Admin is a user with their own login and password who will have access to all public Projects in your Workspace(s). Most supplemental features a Content Admin has can be found in their expanded Account Settings, including user and project management. As many Content Admins can be added as needed. They will take up User seats on your active plan.

An Account Owner has most of the same features of a Content Admin with the exception of Billing and Plan management. There can also only be one Account Owner per account.

The best use cases for either include team leads, post supervisors, and project managers.


A Member is an account-level user with their own login and password who will have access to whichever Workspace or Projects are assigned to them. Instead of wider access similar to Account Owner or Content Admin, Members are given access at the level in which they are invited. So if they are invited to join a Workspace, they will be able to see all Projects and content within that Workspace. They can be invited via a Project and will only have access to that Project. They’re best suited to help upload, organize, manage, create metadata, and share media. They will take up User seats on your active plan.

The best use cases for Members are your co-workers, asset managers, post-production team, or anyone responsible for the upkeep of your account.


A Reviewer is a user whose sole purpose is for reviewing or viewing content shared with them through a Share link. They will not have a login/password for but can freely access the media that is sent to them. They do not have to sign up to access the media, nor do you have to pay to send it to them; it’s 100% free.

The best use case for Reviewers is your clients, producers, friends/family, or anyone that needs to approve the progress of your edit.

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