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Getting Started: How to Share with others?
Getting Started: How to Share with others?
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One of the best parts about using is how simple it is to share media for anyone to watch or review, even if they don’t have a account themselves. It’s also completely free and unlimited! Explained below are the basic ways to share your media.


Shares are how you can manually create external links to share with clients, producers, stakeholders, friends, family, or anyone you want to see the media, folders, or Collections you need to be reviewed. The Shares section is located just below Collections in your Project Navigation Panel. The improved Shares function is an all-in-one destination to create share links, customize its look, and enable security, all to your own preference.


Collections is another way to create a share link for others to view. Collections are a new way to automatically group and spotlight specific folders or assets that need to be reviewed by leveraging the metadata you’ve created. Filters allow the Collection to pull from multiple folder locations for the exact type of assets you want displayed. While it can be a private Collection if you want, it can also be opened up to your users internally or shared externally for similar effect to the regular Share option.

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