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C2C: Panasonic Lumix QuickStart Guide
C2C: Panasonic Lumix QuickStart Guide

How to quickly get set up to shoot with C2C for your Lumix camera

Written by John Blackwood
Updated over a week ago

Refer to this guide for Camera to Cloud setup, recommended practices, and troubleshooting specific to the Panasonic Lumix S5 II and S5 IIX camera models. For further reference, you can access the user manuals for both of these cameras on Panasonic’s website here.

The S5 II and S5 IIX cameras can capture stills and video with the ability to automatically upload files directly into your C2C enabled Project.

C2C is currently supported for the following cameras:




What you'll need

  • Supported Panasonic camera body with the latest firmware (see above)

  • Local network with Internet access

  • Access to or the iOS app

  • A Project with C2C Connections enabled

  • A account with permissions to add devices to the Project


  1. Power the camera on and open the main menu. Navigate to the Setup Menu (Wrench Icon).

  2. Navigate to page IN/OUT 1 and enter the menu.

  3. Enter Connection Setup and select your preferred Connection Method for internet connection (USB Tethering or Wi-Fi).

    Note: Tether only supported by S5IIX. iPhone 15 not currently supported.

  4. Once connected, navigate back to the menu and set Connection to On.

  5. Follow the prompts on the camera and in the C2C Connections tab on or in the iOS app to pair your device to your Project.

  6. Once you’re authenticated to your Project, make sure to confirm your upload preferences in the Upload Setup page of the camera’s menu

  7. Enter Upload File Format to select which supported formats you would like uploaded to

  8. Change Auto Upload to Queue to On if you would like selected formats to automatically upload as captured - leave this setting to Off if you would like to manually select files for upload.

  9. Enter Upload Status for a detailed look at your current upload progress.


My files are taking a long time to upload

Your camera can only upload as fast as your internet connection allows.

If you have limited bandwidth, consider what file types your camera is set to upload in the Upload File Format menu. If you’re uploading RAW image files and also want images available quickly on, it might be good to consider setting the camera to capture both RAW and JPG, but set the Upload File Format to only JPG.

You also have the option to disable automatic uploads so that you can manually select which photos you would specifically like to upload. To do this, set Auto Upload to Queue to Off and select Send Images to in the menu to manually select and upload images.

A third option to consider is what technical specs are required of the assets you’re capturing and uploading. Evaluate the image quality of the available formats to see what may be suitable for your intended use case. JPGs images and Proxy video files are great for quick social media distribution and team review and approval.

My files aren't uploading to

First, ensure your local network has internet connection. It is possible that a camera can be connected to a WiFi access point that doesn’t have internet connection or could have additional security settings that could restrict internet access to the camera.

Click here for our Complete Internet Connection Guide.

With internet connection confirmed, make sure that your camera is set to capture the format you would like to upload. The S5II and S5IIX currently support uploading Proxy video, JPG, and RAW files.

Then, navigate to the menu and enter the Upload Setup menu. Enter Upload File Format, select the formats you would like to enable for upload, and press the Display button to save your settings.

Note: Ensure you hit Display to save your format selections. If you hit the Back button, any modified selections will not be saved.

Next, enter the Upload Status menu and check the setting Auto Upload to Queue. If this is set to ON, selected formats will automatically upload. If this is set to OFF, files will not automatically upload. Captured files can always be manually uploaded afterwards by selecting the option Send Images to in the menu.

To view current upload status navigate to Upload Status inside of the Upload Setup page.

I’m shooting video and am not seeing files upload

It’s possible the camera may be set to a Rec Format or Rec Quality that does not support Proxy recording. Proxy video is not supported for MP4 File Format or S&Q recording.

Max capture frame rate currently available for upload is 59.94p, which can be selected in Rec Quality settings.

My camera takes a long time to boot up with C2C enabled

Each time your camera is rebooted with C2C enabled, it will automatically look to reconnect to its last selected WiFi network to establish internet connection for upload, which can take about 20 seconds to complete from when the camera is turned on.

My camera lost power and my queued files aren’t uploading after a power restore

In situations when you are using an external power source and the power is removed before uploads complete, the upload queue may not save. If your queued assets are not uploading once power is restored, you can manually upload them from the menu by selecting Send Images to

My files aren't uploading after attempting a network change

Check your queue from the menu by selecting Upload Setup then Upload Status. This will tell you how many files are left in your queue as well as the upload performance. If your queue is cleared, you can re-add files to your queue from the menu by selecting Send Images to

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