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Moving media within your account
Moving media within your account
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The Move To... can move a single file, multiple files, or an entire folder to different locations across your account in a much more fluid and elegant way, making it easier than ever to organize media on If you’re looking to make copies instead of just moving content, you can also copy assets and folders across your account.

How to move your media

Open the menu options on a single file/folder by clicking the three dots and selecting Move To... from the dropdown. Hold Command (Mac)/Ctrl (Windows) to select multiple items to copy and then select the Move To... option.

Next, select the destination to move the asset to by using the drop-down menu in the bottom left corner. Click Move To confirm the new location.

If your asset just needs to be moved within the same project, for a quick move, you can drag and drop the asset into the left-hand asset list.


Q: Can I move assets to a different account I have access to?
A: For security reasons, moving assets and folders is not supported between accounts. They are only permitted between workspaces and projects under one account.

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