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Search and filter your assets in
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There are two ways to search for content in Quick Search and Advanced Search with the ability to add filters.

Quick Search

The magnifier icon in the left-hand icon list of your account allows you to quickly search for an asset across all workspaces and projects under that account.

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As you type the search feature will display any assets in list form with a preview panel on the right. The preview will show a thumbnail for the asset and some file information.

You can open and view an asset from the search results by double-clicking on the name in the list or clicking the thumbnail preview.

To exit the quick search, you can click outside of the search box.

Note: Search results are displayed per account

Project Search and Filters

On the project page, you can also search for assets using the “Search” box in the top right corner of the project. This will allow you to search for keywords contained in asset or folder names within that project and filter the results by tags and metadata. Results are displayed in the order of their relevance to your keyword.

Note: We only support text and single-select fields via the Search bar. Other field types will be supported in upcoming releases.

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Clicking “Save” on the search bar will create a collection from those results.

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