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Creating Folders in
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Creating Folders

Give your account some structure by creating Folders and sub-folders.

There are three ways to create a new folder.

  • Click the + button on the top right of your Project Page

  • Right-click in the project space and choose New Folder

  • Select the + icon next to Assets in the project navigation

Name a new folder when you create it and click OK.

Screenshot 2024-01-03 at 2.28.28 PM.png

Adding Assets to Folders

Select and drag a file on the folder to drop it in the next folder level. Select multiple files by holding the Shift key & Command/Control while clicking the files. To move any files out of that folder level or moved elsewhere in your account, utilize the Move To option or click and drag the assets to the destination folder in the project navigation. supports nested folders, so you can create as many sub-folders as you need to keep your projects organized!

Navigating Through Folders

To view your project's folder structure, the folder tree structure can be accessed on the left-hand panel.

Note: At this time, the folder tree in the project navigation panel is currently sorted by asset_id and not by name, date created. If you apply a sort on the project, order of folders will not match between project nav and folder.

Screenshot 2024-01-03 at 2.27.35 PM.png

For easy structural integrity, simply upload a Folder from your desktop and will retain its structure!

Private Folders

At this time, V4 does not support Private Folders. If you upgrade your account from V3 with Private Folders included, those folders will now be visible to any user with access to the Project that holds that Folder. Folder restriction is coming soon.

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