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The new panel-based layout system makes gathering information across an extensive collection of media and assets, metadata, comments, and properties a breeze. Expand every panel to view all of the information associated with a piece of media, or collapse them for distraction-free focus. Move through layers of information at the depth and density you want on your screen without page hopping or toggling between screens.

Inside any Project, there will be three square icons on the top-right of the screen. Those buttons represent the different panel options available in Clicking on a panel will expand or collapse different views with any corresponding assets selected.

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The three panels are the Project Navigation Panel, Asset Viewer Panel, and Asset Details Panel.

Project Navigation Panel will show the different accessible folders within the Project you’re viewing. This panel also houses Collections, Shares, and C2C Connections. Collapsing this will remove the folder structure from view.

Asset Viewer Panel will allow you to view any asset in the same Project so you can browse other folders while viewing the asset you have selected. Double-clicking the asset will still load the standard player page with comments.

Asset Details Panel will show the comments and fields related to the asset you have selected or are viewing. It is possible to load just the comments and properties of an asset but not the player in the Asset Viewer Panel if desired.

All panels are resizable to fit your window however you want it to look, depending on which one you wish to take a larger or smaller portion of your screen.

Project Navigation Overview

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