What is Frame.io V4?
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Welcome to Frame.io Version 4 (V4)! Redesigned from the ground up, Frame.io V4 provides a flexible, fast and intuitive platform that empowers creative teams and their stakeholders to organize, review and manage WIP assets, and orchestrate the people and processes supporting them.

No matter the workflow—whether simple or complex—V4 allows you to build it with ease. Anchored in an all-new, powerful metadata framework, teams can now use Frame.io to customize any creative workflow centered on media assets, and manage the people and processes supporting them.

Version 4 signifies a complete transformation, introducing a redesigned cloud file system and a high-speed transfer feature capable of handling even the bulkiest uploads with ease. We've reimagined our creative review and approval system to encourage richer, more expressive feedback, and a robust unified sharing system ensures that your work is always beautifully presented. The introduction of a multi-panel layout and all new powerful card system empowers teams to build customized workflows, incorporating flexible metadata fields, labels, and more. These collective enhancements aim to elevate your creativity, streamline operational aspects of creative work, and empower creative teams to collaborate more effectively, no matter where they are.

To learn more about V4, read through the rest of the Getting Started series.

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