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Updated over a week ago supports Microsoft Office project files for Powerpoint Powerpoint (pptx, ppt), Word (docx, doc), and Excel (xlsx, xls) as supported asset types, including thumbnail and proxy representations of those assets for Frame review and approval collaboration workflows.

When you upload an MS Office project file to, you will have all the same asset abilities at your disposal, including asset viewing (with proxies), all commenting abilities, downloads, sharing, and version stacking.

Note: Some enterprise security features (WMID, Forensic Watermark, DRM) cannot be applied to MS Office files.


Q: Can you version stack MS Office asset types, and use comparison viewer in Frame V3?
A: Yes, you can version stack MS Office asset types and compare with those asset types, as well as compare with PDF asset types.

Q: Are previously-ingested MS Office docs automatically supported?
A: No. To generate thumbnails/proxies, assets need to be re-ingested. Contact Frame Support for additional support, if required.

Q: For PPT uploads, are clients' chosen fonts supported ?
A: Yes, custom fonts are maintained in Frame playback, if they were successfully embedded in the source asset.

Q: Are in-doc hyperlinks and embedded media accessible?
A: No.

Q: Does the Frame developer API support MS Office assets?
A: Yes, not asset-specific.

Q: Are there any limitations?
500MB file size limit and 1,000 page limit.

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