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At this time, V4 Pro Beta supports Free and Pro plans. Support for Enterprise plan options and features are planned to be released by the end of 2024 (subject to change).

While this is an extremely exciting time, our top priority is ensuring Enterprise customers have the features, scalability, and support needed to continue your success with

There are two main reasons we are waiting to provide our Enterprise customers access to V4. First, it’s still in beta. We will be hardening the solution, ensuring it can handle massive scale, and gathering feedback to make important improvements. That ensures you get access to a product that nearly immediately accelerates your workflows rather than running into significant bugs or scalability issues.

Second, the V4 Pro Beta does not currently have the Enterprise features and security controls that are important for your team’s workflow. We want to ensure you have all the Enterprise capabilities as soon as you make the move for V4. V4 with Enterprise will come with all the same Enterprise product and security features as V3, including Watermark ID, advanced account settings, and SSO support, with more to look forward to that are new to the V4 experience.

For the latest updates and to discuss what V4 can offer for your experience, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

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