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C2C RED V-RAPTOR and KOMODO QuickStart Guide
C2C RED V-RAPTOR and KOMODO QuickStart Guide
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The V-RAPTOR, V-RAPTOR XL, KOMODO, and KOMODO-X are members of RED Digital Cinema's DMSC3 family. The V-RAPTOR and V-RAPTOR XL professional cinema cameras can simultaneously record REDCODE RAW up to 8K and ProRes HQ proxies up to 2K, or dedicated ProRes 444 up to 4K, and automatically upload files into your C2C project. KOMODO and KOMODO-X can record REDCODE RAW up to 6K or ProRes HQ up to 4K.

Use this guide to quickly set up your RED V-RAPTOR, V-RAPTOR XL, or KOMODO camera for C2C with settings recommended by

What you'll need

*If you are uploading REDCODE RAW (R3D), it is recommended you use an ethernet connection, which can transfer data up to 2Gbps. KOMODO cameras require a Link Adapter in order to use an ethernet adapter.


  1. Power the camera and let it boot. Make sure the camera card is loaded and properly formatted by the camera.

  2. Connect the camera to your internet-connected network (WiFi or ethernet). Follow the guides for V-RAPTOR, V-RAPTOR XL, KOMODO, and KOMODO-X to connect to a network. REDCODE RAW (R3D) files can be large. If you're uploading R3Ds, it is recommended you use an ethernet connection. Click here for more information.

  3. On the camera, navigate to Communication from the Main Menu and open the Cloud Upload menu.

  4. Press the SEL button to toggle Enable to ON and make sure is selected as the Service.

  5. Open the Upload File Types menu to toggle the files that will upload to If you have a slower network, you might want to exclude R3D and upload ProRes only.

    NOTE: KOMODO cameras do not have a proxy mode and can only upload R3Ds or ProRes, depending on the recording format.

  6. With set as the Service and the Upload File Types configured, open the menu.

  7. Next to Connect, select OK. If the camera is connected to the internet, this will generate a six-digit code. Pair your camera to your Project by following the prompts in the C2C Connections tab on or in the iOS app.

  8. Once paired, press the MENU button to return to the Cloud Upload menu.

    NOTE: once paired, the camera will begin uploading any media on the current card that matches the settings configured under Upload File Types. It is recommended that you start with an empty (formatted) camera card.

  9. The camera will begin uploading as soon as you cut the camera. You can monitor transfers from the Cloud Upload menu.


My files are uploading slowly

Files created by the RED cameras can be large. Make sure you have a network with enough bandwidth to move the files. If you are using a slower network, you can use the Upload File Types menu to upload ProRes only.

Here are the bandwidth speeds you would need to achieve real-time uploads with select REDCODE resolutions and codecs.






8K 24fps

3.57Gbps (446MBps)

2.5Gbps (312MBps)

1.56Gbps (195MBps)

832Mbps (104MBps)

6K 24fps

2.01Gbps (251MBps)

1.41Gbps (176MBps)

880Mbps (110MBps)

544Mbps (68MBps)

If you are uploading REDCODE RAW, it is recommended you use an ethernet connection, which can transfer data up to 2Gbps.

I'm not seeing some of my file types (R3D, MOV, CDL, LUT, WAV) on

Make sure all the files necessary for your workflow are enabled under Communication > Cloud Upload > Upload File Types. If you're trying to upload ProRes, make sure the camera is set to upload ProRes or has ProRes Proxy Record enabled (on V-Raptor and V-Raptor XL) in the Format menu.

My camera isn't uploading

First, make sure your camera is still connected to the network and that the network is connected to the internet. If you're using an ethernet connection, make sure the ethernet cable and the USB cable are securely connected.

Additionally, your camera will not upload while it is recording. The upload queue will pause while the camera is rolling, then resume once the take cuts.

I can't access the Cloud Upload Menu

Make sure you have a formatted camera card loaded in the camera. The camera needs media to be present in order to change settings under Cloud Upload.

The Connect button in the Menu is greyed out

Make sure your camera is connected to the web and that your system date and time on the camera are correct. The camera must be able to reach the servers in order to connect to a Project.

I can't play my R3D files on does not currently support R3D playback.

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