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C2C: Troubleshooting
C2C: Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting steps for C2C

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This article will go over some basic troubleshooting Camera to Cloud workflows and C2C Connected Devices. We’ll cover some common problems you may run into when Authorizing a C2C Connected Device, recording files, or using the files in post-production.

For troubleshooting hardware issues, please refer to the C2C Connected Device’s manufacturer’s support.

Authorizing a Device

How do I authorize a device for C2C?

Click here for more information on authorizing a device for C2C.

My authorization process fails.

Double-check the pairing code and device name, then make sure both the C2C Connected Device and your phone can access the internet.

I can’t see the C2C Connected Devices tab on my app.

Make sure you have permission to use C2C on your project. On Pro and Team plans, you will need to be a Team Member. On Enterprise plans, Admins can set custom permission levels for C2C. Contact your account Admin or Owner if you need more permissions.

If you still don't have access to C2C, reach out to support.

My C2C Connected Device either won't generate a pairing code or the code disappears before I can read it.

The device needs to be connected to the internet in order to get a pairing code. Make sure the device has access to the internet, not just the local network.

My C2C Connected Devices files were uploaded to the incorrect date folder.

The date folder in the Fixed Folder Structure is determined by the timezone of the iOS device that was used to authorize the C2C Connected Device at the time it was authorized.

For instance, if a C2C Connected Device was authorized in New York, then was flown to Los Angeles, the date folder will be determined by New York time.

Post Production

The clipnames or timecode of my original camera files and the proxies don’t match.

Make sure your camera system supports sending clipname and timecode over its video output. Click here for more information about C2C camera compatibility. If your camera system supports both, and you are still not seeing clipname and timecode, try the following troubleshooting steps:

  1. Make sure there are no devices in the video pipeline that may be stripping the record triggers, timecode, or clipnames from the video signal (this can include certain transmitters, monitors, or other video processing boxes).

  2. If the timecode of the C2C proxies generated by a Teradek are offset from the timecode of the OCF, you can adjust the Timecode Offset settings under Video/Audio Input. This can be adjusted up to +/- 5 frames.

If these steps don’t work, please see Teradek Support or your camera’s documentation for more information.

My AVID dailies ALE from Resolve crashes AVID when I import it.

AVID can only accept values in an ALE that are less than 32 characters. If you are importing C2C proxies into your dailies tool, like Resolve, directly from, the Source File Path (or equivalent) column will be the full URL of the asset on, which greatly exceeds the character limit. You can either edit the ALE to remove this (this should not affect future conform) or download the C2C proxies and import them into your dailies tool locally.

My proxies aren’t relinking to my original camera files.

For DaVinci Resolve:

For conforming in Resolve, you’ll have to make sure the ReelID can match between the proxy and the original camera file. You may need to use different settings under Conform Options for the proxies than you do for the original camera files.

For Final Cut Pro:

In Final Cut Pro, both the proxy files and the files you are relinking need to have the same filename and audio configuration.

If you are using Multicam in Final Cut Pro, the clips may not relink since FCPX may not be able to reference the original extents of the file.

For Adobe Premiere:

Under Match File Properties, File Name should be checked. You may also want to disable the following: File Extension, Media Start, Tape Name, Description, and Clip ID. You may also want to make sure the following settings are enabled: Align Timecode, Relink others automatically, Preserve interpret footage settings.


Relinking proxies from C2C supported encoding devices* to camera original media directly in AVID is currently not supported by AVID. However, you can either use an AMA Link or generate DNx media from C2C proxies to conform back to original camera files later in an offline/online workflow.

* Recordings made by Atomos devices also can't relink to camera original media; however, Atomos proxies can relink to the "hero" files also recorded by the Atomos devices.

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