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C2C: C2C Camera Compatibility
C2C: C2C Camera Compatibility
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You can use a wide range of camera systems with Camera to Cloud across a multitude of workflows. Use this article to learn how C2C can work in your workflow.

When it comes to video integrations, cameras either have a native, internal integration that uploads files directly to, or they require an external recorder to generate proxies that upload to

Internal Integrations

Internal Integrations are integrations that are built natively into the cameras and upload files to directly.

Today, C2C supports native integrations with cameras from RED and Fujifilm as well as with the Filmic Pro app.

External Recorders

​External Recorders are devices that record a video output (HDMI or SDI) from a camera as a proxy file. In order for this process to be automated, the recorders need to be able to receive record triggers from the camera over the video signal. If the proxies generated by these recorders need to be relinked back to camera original files in post-production, the recorders will also need to receive timecode and clipname from the camera.
Today, C2C supports recorders from Atomos, Teradek, and Accsoon. Each family of recorders works with different cameras in different ways. See below for more information on each of the external recorders that support C2C workflows.

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